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August 29 2017

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Scream Card Set


Reblog with your MBTI & the first career you can remember wanting to pursue!

August 28 2017

my favourite thing is when someone asks me whether i do/did ballet and im suddenly reminded that no, most ppl do not in fact walk around on tiptoes 95% of the time

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cant believe ppl hav been tryin to get me to watch firefly for 20 years and when i finally decide to do it its bc glenn hooty howerton the third is in one(1) episode and then gets shot


going one hundred thousand miles per hour, riding in my motorbike side car, wizards robes fly off of my nude torso because of the speed, and i’m listening to rock music from the top bands bards and artists. born to die wild baby we’re just living in it


What’s the youngest y'all knew you liked girls


did yall know i’d die for jamie mccrimmon





me thinking about shakespeare normally: mercutio was gay

me thinking about shakespeare at 3 am: romeo and juliet is underrated as a story. why? because everyone treats it as a love story when they should be treating it as a commentary on how children are too afraid to come to their parents with a problem or even voice their opinions on things without fear of facing repercussions. juliet didn’t want to marry paris, some old guy she didn’t know. so OF COURSE she was going to choose romeo, some hot young thing that talked nice and looked nicer and probably made her feel special. she had had at least a conversation with the guy. but no. she can’t tell her father that she doesn’t want to marry and would rather try to get to know that nice montague boy that was chatting her up while crashing her party. but of course she can’t. both of because societal expectations and because of the whole blood feud. and then there’s romeo. we all call him an emo fuck but the fact remains that it is highly hinted that he had depression and while finding someone “to love” doesn’t automatically fix that in a person, him “loving” juliet definitely did seem to improve his mood while his parents just brushed him off. and in the end of the story, they’d both rather kill themselves then tell their parents that they’re going to be disappointing them by telling them who they “love” and that’s just fucked up. these were teenagers. and while this may have not been old billy shakes’ original message, it stands that this interpretation could benefit being taught to a lot of students and even some parents. 

me thinking about shakespeare at 3:30 am: also know what was fucked up? mercutio and tybalt died without even knowing what they were dying for. they literally say in the beginning of the play that no one remembers why the blood feud started. and mercutio wasn’t even an capulet or montague. this wasn’t his fight. but he died anyways, under romeo’s arm, by tybalt’s hand. sure, they were fighting because tybalt was pissed about romeo seeing juliet and shit, but mercutio didn’t know that. he thought tybalt was just starting shit just to start shit. he didn’t know what he was dying for. “a plague on both your houses” indeed. and then tybalt. fucking firey tybalt. like i said before, no one knows why the blood feud started. he essentially just died because his family hates another guy’s family probably over something like the 13th century equivalent of a sports rivalry. that’s so fucked up. while i don’t remember what their exact ages were, i’m pretty sure they were teenagers too. what the fuck.

me thinking about shakespeare at 3:35 am: and then benevolio. oh god benevolio. what even happened to him??? first, he watches this guy who was always a jackass to him but he’s probably known all his life get killed, then his (boy)friend dies all because of something his cousin does, and then his cousin is exiled/flees before he’s exiled. he’s then all alone for like the rest of the play, until he assuredly walks into the mausoleum at the end of the play and sees his cousin dead on the ground with some girl he’s maybe seen twice in his life dead on top of him. what the fuck. what the actual fuck. poor benevolio just lost his two best friends and now he’s all alone. and you know they never even say if he’s in the play for the rest of the thing. you just assume he is. for all we know he could’ve skipped town, or killed himself as well, or died in a duel, or anything. i always headcanoned him as the youngest of the group. and like, that just makes it worse. poor benevolio, the guy that was left all alone at the end of the play with all his friends and acquaintances dead. “for never was a story of more woe / than that of juliet and her romeo”???? bullshit. for never was a story of more woe than that of our poor fucking benevolio. 

me thinking about shakespeare at 3:50 am: mercutio was gay

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who would win in a fight: hozier vs. sufjan stevens



  • ten feet tall, making face-shots difficult
  • capable of a sub-sonic vocal blast that may paralyze an opponent for several seconds
  • is a level 10 lgbt ally, allowing him to use fire balls and limited lightning magic

sufjan stevens:

  • extremely sneaky
  • exudes an aura of sadness which has the chance to emotionally devastate his opponent
  • sharp little claws






i dont know anything about party comps but the IPRE crew was 1 cleric, 1 fighter, and 5 whole wizards, can someone make fun of it for me

thank you all

fighters 1
clerics 1
wizards 5

someone who is good at party composition help. we keep dying

less wizards



I’m glad to know that Griffin was salty enough about the THB picking on Angus that he put it under the same list of sins that included murder, betrayal, playing god and letting entire towns die.

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sg1 in a nutshell

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sizzle it UP !


why is “go to your room” a punishment?? like yes thank you i’d love to go to my room. i’d love to be Alone

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just more color study stuff for school but i thought it looked cool laid out like this so here

WHOA look at the moon
— me literally every night no matter what phase the moon is in (via purple-space-freak)
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…and she’s gone 

Another victim of the Void.

I love her facial expression right before she slips through lol. she just pauses and is like “welp, here I go, goodbye world”

I woke my bf up by cackling for WAY too long over this

August 14 2017


wlw reblog and tag who u had a bigger crush on as a kid: kim possible or shego

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