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November 18 2017

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the kind of music asks i always want to see


so i made my own list:

1.    a song from the year you were born
2.    a song that reminds you of school
3.    a song tied to a specific moment in your life
4.     a song that is not sung in your native language
5.     a song over 5 minutes long
6.     a song under 2 minutes long
7.     an instrumental
8.     a classical piece
9.     a song with no percussion
10.   something you’ve heard performed live
11.   something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live
12.   a song by an artist who’s from where you’re from (town/city/state/country)
13.   a song made suddenly precious because of a special someone
14.   a song made suddenly awful because of a special someone
15.   something to BELT SHAMELESSLY/do DIVA HANDS to
16.   something to SCREAM ALONG to
17.   a song for raging
18.   a song that demands lipsyncing into a makeshift microphone
19.   the last song you had stuck in your head
20.   a song you’re dying to master all the words to
21.   a song that you could SLAY at karaoke
22.   a song you can’t help but dance to
23.   a song that makes you want to dance on a table
24.   a song that makes you wanna STRIP
25.   a song with a great music video
26.   a song that makes you act out the music video when you hear it
27.   a song with counting
28.   a song with spelling
29.   a song with lots of clapping
30.   a song 40 years older than you
31.   a song you wish your parents didn’t know the words to
32.   a song whose lyrics shocked you once you were old enough to understand them
33.   a song you have ZERO patience for
34.   a song you’d like your favorite artist to cover
35.   a great song you discovered thanks to a movie
36.   a great song you discovered thanks to television
37.   a song you’re ashamed to have in your music library
38.   ok what’s the song you were too ashamed to even post for #37
39.   the most played song in your music library
40.   favorite disney song

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as much as i hear people giving different versions of d&d a hard time for “making everyone a mage” or other similar “but if everyone has it then no-one is special!” complaints, im surprised i never hear the same of darkvision

like holy shit. only 3 out of the 9 core races DON’T have darkvision.

so torches are a human/halfling/dragonborn invention that basically no one else bothered to mess with. and like, why isn’t that addressed more? why isn’t that worked into more game worlds? because that would definitely change shit up if 2/3rds of the civilizations most people know of don’t bother with illuminating dark places because they don’t need to.

especially with so many settings having so much magic in them. like you…don’t really need light to even read.what’s to stop such magical people from having touch-activated self-illuminating text? and why would people who’ve never needed light to see in the dark bother with writing systems that you need light to see anyway? you honestly expect me to believe that no one figured out some fantasy equivalent of braille? that no one knew how to write until humans or halflings or dragonborn figured it out and passed it on to these races that live so effing much longer than them?

i call bullshit

ok but consider: dwarves think windows are HILARIOUS. they’re like weird huge sideways ventilation shafts but for sunlight instead of oxygen??? wtfff


liking a character from a thing you don’t like

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fave hc moodboards - agender twelfth doctor


Remember kids, if someone says Colin Baker is the worst Doctor Who, their opinion is automatically worthless and they are probably bad people. If you ever here someone say Colin Baker is the worst Doctor Who, abandon them immediately, block them on social media and avoid them at all costs. They probably also hate candy and take pleasure in kicking kittens and puppies.

November 17 2017

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Technological rugs

By combining traditional Azerbaijani rugs with modern technology glitches Baku-based artist Faig Ahmed has created an awesome ongoing series. 

Escape Kit / Twitter / Subscribe

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@ adults who grew up in the age of “don’t even give out your first name online” what was ur fake name growing up online

I went by Snowfall on neopets for six years.



Later, Katniss.



*Cecil Palmer voice* Taako, you know, from TV?

*Taako voice* John Peters, you know, like, the farmer?




(apparently Alolan Ninetales is exclusive to Sun but there’s still 10% Zygarde or you can just trade one)

Cons: v weak against fighting and steel (but Silvally can change types so)

Pros: it’s a team of dogs

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New outfits I designed for Taako.

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Which of your female OCs would be labelled a bitch by your hypothetical fandom, no matter what she did? 

Only Love Anti-Bullying Tee


Hey! There’s a campaign on represent dot com that I’m trying to support! My mom is heavily involved in this as well. 100% of the proceeds are going to Stomp Out Bullying. They’re trying to sell at least 600 today!

If you can’t support, please reblog this to boost it.

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